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The history


The farm Mambrini always existed, has formed over the years thanks to the efforts of our ancestors who have managed, with work in the fields, to put together, with many sacrifices, what today comprises the family farm. In fact, our company is very unusual, because it is composed of several plots of land in the area of Poggio Murella.

We have an olive grove which we define secular, and two other younger, the last of which was implanted by Silvano, father of Angelo, in an area where there was another plant older.

 The vineyard we have always had, certainly before was very small for family needs or a little more, then around the late 60's, grandfather Rino has created another plant still in production today, and a few years later bought another plot of land with a vineyard that even now continues to produce.

The turning agricultural occurred years ago when I could not find the wine that shares could realize my dream, to become a winemaker.

Subsequently with Raffaella, my partner, now my wife, we renovated the basement and we did the first vinification, followed by the enologist.

The harvest is done carefully by hand, putting the grapes in small boxes, so as to arrive at the winery the grapes perfectly intact and healthy.

Our company uses the method of cultivation ORGANIC Certificate in Italy.
For the future we have other projects and goals to reach ......... but this will keep you informed.




The "Francesino" grape


It 'a white grape variety present in our old vineyards. Here in the village winemakers call it "Francesino" but among the varieties known, or rather the most widespread, is not found. For years, I am curious to know what his real name, because it is a wine heritage that I would not lose, given that white wine is embellished with the vinification of this grape. It 'a slightly aromatic grape, with small grape, slightly elongated, green to yellow when ripe. Its leaf has five lobes, and it is quite small and slightly woolly at the back. I did some research, but I could not find anything that looks like this grape and no news about. Indeed it seems that no one outside Poggio Murella cultivate this variety and also in the village by now we were in a very few to cultivate this grape. In the village everyone knows that the "Francesino" grape does wonders to wine. It 'a grape that is grown with difficulty, because it has a late ripening, so many over the years, have abandoned him for varieties that are most common, with early ripening and easy to manage. Meanwhile, I have the certainty that the "Francesino" is an added value for our white wine, for its unique fragrances, intense and pleasant taste.


The "Francesino" grape - second part


After much research we came to the analysis of DNA and the answer to the question what is the real name of Francesino grape now there. His name is Clairette Blanc, french grape variety grown now so marginal in the lower Rhone Valley and parts of Provence. In Italy as well as in Poggio Murella (GR) is grown only in small quantities in the Val di Cornia, near Suvereto (LI). Obviously now that we know what it is we will move forward with our research to know more about this grape variety called Clairette Blanc, but for us his name will remain affectionately: "Francesino". If possible I will try some other wine producer to compare his wine with ours and effort to jumpstart this grape variety that, in our land, it works really well. Meanwhile next winter 2013-2014 will plant a new vineyard where there will Francesino grape plants that were grafted from a nursery with grafts from our old vineyards.

If anyone has news on Francesino, grapes or wine, we would be happy to receive them.


The names of our wines

Every name of our wines has a why. For many will be trivial things, but we are romantics and attached to our traditions, then for one reason or another have been called like this:

DAMANTO This name is in memory of his grandfather Rino. It is to him, who loved so much the vineyard, that we dedicate this wine. He used this word as superlative adjective for anything. For example at the time of racking when tasted the wine again said with an air of complacency "ah this year the wine is damanto", to say it was very good. You could use this word as a synonym for strength, beauty, intelligence. So when something liked so much to him, and he was proud of this, he said "is damanto".

SAN BERLERO When we drained the wine from the tank after fermentation, the first time, to make wine to be bottled, I was in the cellar a calendar where each day there were given many names of saints. That day between the various names was reported San Berlero. I was struck by this name, I liked him immediately. I found assonant with something to drink. Now we consider him, the patron of our winery and our wines.

FRANCESCONE The name for this white wine was the last to come out. The explanation of the name at the end is simple. The best white grapes are produced in our own parcel of land called FRANCESCONE. It was obligatory call it that also the wine.

SAN ROSE 'we thought so much, but until we tasted came not think of any name, but at that time we said "what is good, we should do it holy" and this phrase has become San Rosť.

POGGIO VENTOSO If we come to find the winery will understand why this name. On our hill the wind never fails and the other peculiarity is that in our country the hill is called Poggio. E 'was easy to put the two together, Poggio and Windy.

But this story does not end here ......

In the future, we will have to propose other wines and other names to tell. Follow us and you drink some good!

Cheers to all!


The tonneaux

If you read our products, you may have noticed in the part about the DAMANTO, the phrase "is poured into barrels where it is left to mature for at least 1 year."  But what are these tonneaux?  We often hear of wine "barrique", wine that is aged in oak barrels. The barrels are oak barrels that have the capacity of 225 liters and give the wine strong hints of wood, particularly if the barrels are new. The tonneaux instead is a barrel oak largest.Its capacity is 500 liters and this, well the wine matures giving hints of wood who feel little, but at the same time great harmony of flavors, fragrances and the stability that allows the wine to keep its characteristics for a few years .


News from Vintage 2008

The time is approaching, we are anxiously waiting, because from this harvest will be born two other products. For now I do not want to unbalance too much, but I can tell you that one will be a single-grape red, the other will be a blend of three white grape varieties ....   In this moment I can not tell when these wines will be put on the market, or how you will call, and their characteristics, but in a very near future, now there will be a toast to the new born ...... See you soon!

December 2008: By now we have the new born in the tanks ..... look confident, but without haste. The wines need their time to mature well and become special. It takes patience ......

2009 We begin to diversify

Since 2009, we started making new products to diversify and not only make wine.

Among the new products we have in the PURE SAFFRON stigmas.The emotion that gives us this product at harvest is really strong. When you get to the parcel of land and see the expanse of flowers you will be enchanted. Already, flowers, because for those who do not know, Saffron is the stigma of the flower that produces the plant Crocus sativus. ..........

2010 Passiti (dessert wine) are ready

In 2010 we finally bottled too passiti (dessert wine). A wine is made with pure Aleatico (Passito Red) and the other is a Passito White made with grapes Traminer, Viognier and Sauvignon. You can find more detailed information on the Products page.

2011 vinified pinkish wine

With the 2011 vintage we have produced another wine, it is a rosť. When it is ready we will put it in the bottle and will add the products page.

2012  vinified  Poggio Ventoso

2012 was a difficult year because of the drought and the vineyard has suffered, but the vineyard has nonetheless produced Sangiovese and Merlot grapes with interesting enological features and then with the winemaker we tried another system of winemaking. Thus was born the wine called Poggio Ventoso.

2012 Award for wines Passiti

In November of 2012 we participate in the International Exhibition of wines Passiti and meditation that takes place in Italy near Bologna. This shows our passiti are rewarded with certificates of merit as conferring score 3.5 crowns to Aleatico Passito and four crowns at White Passito. In the Photos section you can see the certificates.


2013 new vineyard - project

It 'started the new project. In a few months we want to plant a new vineyard, if possible already in November 2013 and there will Francesino. In mind we have another wine to be produced, but now you have to have patience, we will have to wait for the new vineyard grapes. Meanwhile, who knows ....

2014 new vineyard is realized

The new vineyard was realized battling the rain and mud which made it difficult to work. Now we wait that the new plants grow. Meanwhile we try to grow them in the best possible way.


In 2014 only one news was not enough and the planting of a new vineyard is not a small thing. But after the tests made with microvinifications in 2013, we moved to the vinification of all grapes organically, following the specification, and by fermenting the grapes with their indigenous yeasts (without added yeast). Now organic wines are making aging in tanks and are evolving. The premises are good, we confidently await.







            PAGINE BIANCHE




















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